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"We couldnt be happier with Mineglow/X-glo lighting. From the quick and simple installation and the quality of the product it was an easy choice for us to make.

Everyone agrees the difference the lights have made in our workplace and safety are amazing. Lighting has improved by 100% and Maintenance is non-existent and replacement of parts is simple."


We have been using and installing the Halo product in underground mines across the Bowen basin for the past 12 months. The feedback from all of our customers is same, the quality of the Halo LED light produced is amazing, while being very bright, it is not invasive to the eye. The transition between zones is not offensive as with some other systems. In all instances, once the Halo system has been seen by Site Senior personnel, they have made the commitment to continue the same standard throughout the mine. All sites have identified the safety benefits of a continuous lighting system, maintenance personnel can now easily identify the condition of any poor roadways and provide remedial attention before injury to traveling mine workers can occur. As a testament to the quality of the Halo product, three major installations recently completed have been installed in continuous sections in excess of 4000m at a time. The ease of installation and maintenance is testament to the quality of the product and design.

We are proud to be associated with the product and look forward to working with the Halo Team in the future.

Sam Western

Operations Manager
Major Electrical
Dated: 28 August 2016

*HALO LED strip lights referred to above has been rebranded to x-Glo since January 2017, they are the identical product.

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