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x-Glo 60 LED is the most popular choice of our lighting solutions. This product is extremely versatile and provides daylight conditions underground.

x-Glo is a safe and efficient alternative to complex infrastructures that need constant maintenance. x-Glo boasts the following unique safety features:

  • Safe working environment x-Glo illuminates potential dangers by providing a complete flood of light from floor to ceiling. This can substantially boost the morale and efficiency of workers.
  • Constant luminescence reduces incidents The consistent flood of lighting eliminates spots and reduces threats of glare and blinding, preventing possible incidents.
  • Indestructible hardware Outer shell is 100% waterproof, flame retardant, impact and shock resistant. Virtually indestructible and maintains total functionality in close proximity to explosions.
  • Compared to LED globes Due to its hard outer shell and low profile, x-Glo is extremely difficult to damage. x-Glo LED strip lighting provides excellent longevity, while LED globes are frequently damaged and are extremely costly to replace. x-Glo LED strip lighting provides a constant illumination with no dark spots.
  • High Tensile Strength x-Glo's high tensile strength properties allow it to withstand up to 70kg pulling power, yet still function successfully. x-Glo is extremely robust and can handle higher levels of vibration and impact shock. x-Glo is the only lighting solution that can operate successfully within close proximity to regular dynamite blasting.


x-Glo uses LED Power Supplies to convert the input voltage from 110/240 VAC into a lower voltage of 12, 24 or 36VDC energising the LED's. The Power Supplies have a variable input feature which means it can manage any voltage from 85 - 265VAC, making it suitable for most applications around the world.

The design has an ingenious feature which allows for the connection of a power supply on either one end, or both ends of the strip lighting. In doing so the rated length effectively doubles and the lighting will continue to operate if completely severed or if one of the power supplies fails. Easily applied to existing infrastructure


x-Glo Lighting Systems were designed to provide a zero maintenance solution. It is a low profile (6mm) robust lighting solution that's installed out of harms way, thereby reducing maintenance costs. Its ring feed design guarantees perfectly functioning lighting even when severed. Repairs are effortless and extremely swift to carry out. 


  • Manufactured in China by cutting edge market leaders in LED technology
  • Production of x-Glo uses cutting edge technology and is governed by strict international quality control protocols
  • Professional and highly trained individuals functioning in lab like conditions
  • Production adheres to 5S visual management procedures, ensuring only the highest quality end products, with little or no defects
  • LED's are mounted on PCB's by highly advanced Samsung SMT Chip Mounters (300 000 LED's/day), with absolute accuracy and precision, providing excellent quality.
  • 24hrs automated precision soldering ensures high efficiency and eliminates human error
  • The extrusion process is managed by 4 sets of high speed, high quality extrusion machines, capable of generating 6 000 Metres of x-Glo lighting per day, at full capacity.
  • Innovations that further define x-Glo as a market leader include the lighting printer system used to brand and print serial numbers.


The LED technology utilised in the development and manufacture of x-Glo Lighting is of the highest calibre available. The design components and innovations work together in perfect synergy to provide an unmatched lighting solution. x-Glo is designed to thrive in the harsh underground mining conditions of high ambient temperature and moisture as well as rough manhandling.

  • LED Selection ProcessLED's are meticulously selected by professionals to include only the highest quality.
  • Manufactured to Withstand Extreme Temperaturesx-Glo functions at optimum efficiency over its life span. No damage detected after 6000 hours at 85°C. Rated IP67, remains 100% waterproof even after a decade of exposure to the elements.
  • Proven to Pass Weather Resistance TestsWeather resistance test carried out by Xenon Arc Lighting to simulate accelerated ageing has shown minimum superficial damage to the protective covering (exposed for 6000 hours) with no impact on the luminescence and functionality of the lighting (in accordance with ISO 4892).
  • Withstands Direct Impact and Explosionx-Glo can be used in areas that are exposed to frequent dynamite, where competitors' products within a 50m range has been destroyed.
  • 5 Year Warranty x-Glo has a five year warranty if our installation and guidelines are strictly adhered to. x-Glo has an expected lifespan of 5 years + with a 20-30% loss of luminesence over this time.