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Latest News

New Safety Lighting System


The team from IOT Automation have developed a Safety Evacuation System using x-Glo Pulsating LED Strip Lighting.

This installation at Freeport Indonesia, has been on trial at the DMLZ section on the Extraction Level Panel.

On a seismic or other evacuation event the Canary Mine Monitoring system will activate the LED strips showing the direction of safe travel.

The LED system is battery backed up and will still operate if the mines power is cut off. There is also a manual override if there is any issues with mines data network.

The area is very wet with a lot of vibration caused by the constant blasting done on a daily basis.

Early indications have been very positive from the Managers and Supervisors at Freeport.

IOT Automation are now in the process of developing both a multi coloured application for directing traffic and a green strobing directional light to Refuge Chambers.