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x-Glo Lighting was developed in close collaboration with the Department of Mineral Resources to ensure full compliance with the statutory requirement for equipment installed underground and are confident of our full compliance thereof.

x-Glo is SABS, Ctick, CE and UL approved.

  • Light maintenance
  • Accelerated ageing
  • IP67 Rating
  • Glow wire test
  • Photometric
  • Static test

x-Glo has been approved by many standard committees of some of the largest mining houses, and has been selected as the preferred lighting system for these mines, outperforming all the competition it has come up against.

Many of the highly reputable engineering companies are specifying x-Glo in their feasibility and design proposals, being fully convinced of its superiority in comparison to all lighting systems the industry has to offer, and its immense money saving properties making it the only choice for the underground environment.