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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What colours are available? 

A.  All colours are available including RGB (Red, Green & Blue)  RGW (Red, Green & White).  Colour temperatures are also available from 2500K - 6500K. 


Q.  What distances can be achieved? 

A.  Depending on what amount of LED P/M + Voltage is also up to 90 Metres fed from both ends. 


Q.  Can the lighting be submerged underwater?

A.  Yes, IP67 up to 1 metre.


Q.  Where are the lights manufactured?

A.  Produced by one of the World's leading edge manufacturers in China.  It's State of the Art technology, attention to research and development, International Testing & Certifications, make it the most widely used application in its class.



Q.  Does vibration affect the lighting?

A.  No, it has been installed alongside conveyors with no issues to date.


Q.  Is it available in AC?

A.  With the use of a Bridge Rectifier, we are able to convert from DC to AC in lengths up to 45 Meters.


Q.  What Input Voltages can your Power Supplies use?

A.  Any Voltage from 85 - 265 VDC.


Q.  What is the cost per metre?

A.  Please contact us for RFQ.


Q.  What are the Lux Levels on the Strip?

A.  The Lux Levels are dependent on how many LED's per meter.  Please see Spec's Sheet on Product Pages.


Q.  How is the Lighting Installed?

A.  The strip can be easily attached to existing infrastructure (eg. Mesh, Cable Channels, Cataneries etc) with the use of Cable Ties.  We can also provide a UPVC or Aluminium strip for a more uniform/aesthetic look.


Q.  What Voltages do the Lights come in?

A.  12, 24 and 36V.  48V coming soon.











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